High Quality remanufactured panels for Series 1 Land Rover

KBX classic panels are manufactured in the UK to very high standards to restore your Series 1 Land Rover to new.

KBX Series 1 panels

The KBX classic panel are for all models of Series 1, manufactured in the UK in Aluminium and fully spot welded.

KBX Type Arear body assy 1948MY
KBX Type Brear body assy 1949MY
KBX Type Crear body assy 1950MY
KBX Type Drear body assy 1952MY
KBX Type Erear body assy 1953MY
KBX Type Frear body assy 86 early
KBX Type Grear body assy 86 late/88
KBX Type Hrear body assy 107
KBX Type Irear body assy 109
KBX300810E80 early
KBX300810L80 late
KBX31027080 door basic LH
KBX31026980 door basic RH
KBX00180 outer wing panel LH (no door buffer hole)
KBX00280 outer wing panel RH (no door buffer hole)
KBX00380 outer wing panel LH (with door buffer hole)
KBX00480 outer wing panel RH (with door buffer hole)
KBX00580 inner panel LH
KBX00680 inner panel RH
KBX00780 complete (one piece spot welded type ) 1952MY LH
KBX00880 complete (one piece spot welded type ) 1952MY RH
KBX00986/107 outer wing panel LH
KBX01186/107 outer wing panel RH
KBX01286/107 inner wing panel LH
KBX01386/107 inner wing panel RH
KBX01488/109 outer wing panel LH
KBX01588/109 outer wing panel RH
KBX01688/109 inner wing panel LH
KBX01788/109 inner wing panel RH
Floor Plates
KBX01880 floor plate LH
KBX01980 floor plate RH
Seat Boxes
Other Parts
KBX30081580 corner bracket door check LH
KBX30081480 corner bracket door check RH
KBX710010under body floor support/cross member 86/88/107/109
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