KBX NAS Dual-Mounts for 95mm diameter NAS type lamps

KBX Upgrades Ltd are proud to offer our range of exterior upgrades for Land Rovers. Our accessories are designed to evolve and enhance your Defender with contemporary styling, while offering a selection of colour and finish options to suit all tastes.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but beware of similar reproductions, all produced in the Far East.

KBX were the original pioneers for these style of upgrades for Defenders and are proud to have designed, developed and manufacture them in the UK. Only genuine KBX products carry the KBX logo.

Evolve & Enhance your Defender:

KBX NAS Dual-Mount provides a stylish single unit for fitting two NAS type 95mm diameter lamps plus the latest slim line reflector to enhance the look and lighting capability of your Defender.

Designed not only with contemporary styling and practicality in mind, but with the added safety benefits of increased visibility provided from the larger lamps.

Manufactured in tough and durable ABS plastic, forming a very robust product, made to our usual high standard.

Supplied as a pair, including stainless steel fixings, a pair of OEM rectangular reflectors and fitting instructions. No drilling required.

Dual-Mounts can be further upgraded by fitting our KBX NAS Guards, providing protection for the lamps and further enhancing the rugged effect. www.kbxupgrades.co.uk/kbx-nas-lamp-guards.php

Not suitable for Defenders with certain types of swing-away spare wheel carriers, please check if in doubt. 

NAS Lamps are available from many KBX retail outlet or other suppliers.

Optional colour finishes available:

Satin Black, Indus Silver, Santorini Black & Brunel Silver

Product Options

Satin Black Part No. KBX9101D

Indus Silver Part No. KBX9201D

Santorini Black Gloss Part No. KBX9301D

Brunel Silver Grey Part No. KBX9401D
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